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A professional program for modifying maps / flash memory responsible for engine work.



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StageX - Discount code

StageX is a vehicle recalibration (vehicle mapping/engine mod) software that uses artificial intelligence. The software works, recognizes the maps and allows you to make changes.

The offer applies to 30 days access to the StageX program.

In the PLUS version we get for free:

      • DTC clearer module;
      • Mappacks;
      • Automatic checksum correction after modification;

In addition, we receive discounts on:

      • Winols walkthroughs and mappacks (provided you have a Winols account and integrated it with StageX)
      • StageX "One Click" walkthroughs

StageX is a program to make "manual" modifications to the driver map. If you want to use the available "One Click" solutions, you have to pay for them with red coins. One red coin costs €1 net. The price of the solution depends on the driver.

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