XPROG AUTH-0023-1 MAC7xxx

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AUTH-0023-1 MAC7xxx

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  • Last update: 2014.08.15
  • Compatible with XPROG-box software V5.5.4 or higher.

Supported devices:

  • MAC7111VAG50 FLASH
  • MAC7111VAG50 D-FLASH
  • MAC7112VAG50 FLASH
  • MAC7112VAG50 D-FLASH
  • MAC7116VAG50 FLASH
  • MAC7116VAG50 D-FLASH
  • MAC7241VAF64 FLASH
  • MAC7241VAF64 Shadow Block
  • MAC7242VAF64 FLASH
  • MAC7242VAF64 Shadow Block

Supported masks:

  • 0M84D, 0M19G, 0L49P, 1L49P, 0L47W, 1L47W, 0L61W, 0L38Y
  • All new MAC7xxx devices (MAC7242, MAC7112, MAC7116,...) will be added to this authorization.

Programming interface: in-circuit (JTAG).
Supported adapters: no additional adapters required


MAC72x1 devices have 512K bytes of embedded Flash memory to support software emulation of EEPROM. All FLASH divided into four partitions (Partition0, Partition1, Partition2, Partition3), each partition have two or four FLASH block. Use Options->Environment->Device command to select required FLASH block (blocks).

Partition 2

                   Address Range |Size

Block8 0x00000 - 0x0FFFF    64K bytes

Block9 0x10000 - 0x1FFFF    64K bytes

Partition 0

                   Address Range |Size

Block0 0x20000 - 0x23FFF    16K bytes

Block1 0x24000 - 0x27FFF    16K bytes

Block2 0x28000 - 0x2BFFF    16K bytes

Block3 0x2C000 - 0x2FFFF    16K bytes

Partition 1

                   Address Range |Size

Block4 0x30000 - 0x33FFF    16K bytes

Block5 0x34000 - 0x37FFF    16K bytes

Block6 0x38000 - 0x3BFFF    16K bytes

Block7 0x3C000 - 0x3FFFF    16K bytes

Partition 3

                   Address Range |Size

Block4 0x40000 - 0x5FFFF    128K bytes

Block5 0x60000 - 0x7FFFF    128K bytes



MAC7242 device have 256K bytes of embedded Flash memory, as well as additional memory blocks (4 x 16K bytes) to support software emulation of EEPROM. All FLASH divided into three partitions (Partition0, Partition1, Partition2), each partition have two FLASH block. Partition1 and Partition2 frequently used for EEPROM emulation. XPROG-box software note: use Options->Environment->Device command to select required FLASH block (blocks).


                   Address Range |Size

Block0    0x00000-0x1FFFF    128K bytes

Block1    0x20000-0x3F000    128K bytes


                   Address Range |Size

Block0    0x40000-0x43FFF    16K bytes

Block1    0x44000-0x47FFF    16K bytes


                   Address Range |Size

Block0    0x48000-0x4BFFF    16K bytes

Block1    0x4C000-0x4FFFF    16K bytes

MAC7241, MAC7242 Shadow block

The Shadow Block (32K bytes) often uses for bootloader code and includes several locations which hold information on the state of the Flash main array and Shadow Block protection, access and security.

security byte address: 0x7DE3

unsecured state: 0x7DE3 = 0xFE (xxxx xx10)

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