XPROG AUTH-0024-1 MC9S12Cxx

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AUTH-0024-1 MC9S12Cxx

When purchase please include XPROG "Hardware ID"

Last update: 2016.09.19
Compatible with XPROG-box software V5.7.4 or higher.
Bypass security option.

Supported devices:
  • MC9S12C16 FLASH
  • MC9S12C32 FLASH
  • MC9S12C64 FLASH
  • MC9S12C64 FLASH - Security
  • MC9S12C96 FLASH
  • MC9S12C128 FLASH

Supported masks: 0M66G, 2L09S, 1L45J, 2L45J

Partial read/write Flash implemented.

Programming interface: in-circuit (BDM).

Supported adapters:  for bypass security applications, adapter ADP-0017 is required

MC9S12C Family

The MC9S12C-Family are 48/52/80 pin Flash-based MCU families, which deliver the power and flexibility of the 16-bit core to a whole new range of cost and space sensitive, general purpose industrial and automotive network applications. All MC9S12C-Family members feature standard on-chip peripherals including a 16-bit central processing unit (CPU12), up to 128K bytes of Flash EEPROM, up to 4K bytes of RAM, an asynchronous serial communications interface (SCI), a serial peripheral interface (SPI), an 8-channel 16-bit timer module (TIM), a 6-channel 8-bit pulse width modulator (PWM), an 8-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

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