HexTag Programmer

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HexTag Programmer

 to read and write flash data from/to different modules of multi brands

HexTag Programmer is the latest Ecu Tuning, ECU Cloning and BDM tool released by Microtronik company

which can do a wide range of operations in multi car brands.

It can READ the ECU’s D-flash and P-flash in fraction of seconds which is faster compared to any others tools in the market.

This is good solution for ECU cloning and Tuning on the bench

HexTag Features:

  • Ecu cloning/tuning of wide range of brands
  • Read/Write safely CAS2,CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4, CAS4+ all flashs without removing any component.
  • Read/Write safety Porsche BCM without removing component
  • Repair faulty EEPROM in CAS3+
  • Edit CAS3+ and CAS4 ISN and VIN
  • Reset mileage for CAS
  • Repair FRM in just one click
  • Read/Write many other modules in different car models like Mercedes Benz, Audi, Land Rover, VW,..etc
  • Dashboard EEPROM Reset like M35080, 080D0WQ, 160D0WQ,...
  • Key Renew for many brands like Audi, BMW, Porsche, Land Rover, VW, Chrysler, Renault,...

You can clone/tune a wide range of ECUs without opening the ECU

the function is extra paid, please read below "Annual Subscription"

Please click the button bellow to check the supported cars

Annual Subscription:

Yes, Hextag has many functions, most of them are free of charges and lifetime free.

 - like BDM function, Key renewal function, EEPROM read/write function...etc.

However, Ecu cloning/tuning function requires a license.

ECU cloning/Tuning function is available for free for 30 days after registration.

Then the function will be blocked.

The cost of activating the cloning function is one time payment,  it's about $ 1,000 USD net, including 1 year subscription.

After that time, you have to pay every year $350 USD net.

For checksums calculation you have to contact to the manufacturer technical support.

Technical Suppport:

Technical support is provided by manufacturer

 Phone contact

     Dubai Head Office: +971 4 2517164 

     Turkey Office: +90 850 2231677

 Skype Contact

     Skype account: Microtronik_2

 Email Contact


     or web form: https://www.microtronik.com/contact

Package included:

  • HexTag Programmer - main unit
  • BDM Cable (wires are same quality used in aerospace)
  • Tricore Boot mode cable used for on bench ECU Cloning/Tuning (No need to open most of ECU's)
  • OBD Cable (For future added functions like Ecu tuning and making keys)
  • Module/adapter for renew keys and read/write SOP-8 EEPROM
  • SOP-8 High quailty Clip to read/write EEPROM and reset mileage on bench

Selected Video

Key Renew tool. HexTag

Porsche BCM read/write by Hextag

More Videos

Minimum Requirements
Computer Laptop or Desktop
Operating System: MS Windows XP, Vista, 7,8, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Screen Resolution: 800×600 or higher
Internet connection:  Required !

Software, instructions and other help files can be found on the manufacturer's website

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