MagicMotorSport - FLS0.6M – Software Flex Renesas SH7xxxx

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MagicMotorSport - FLS0.6M Software

MagicMotorSport FLEX Software - Flex Renesas SH7xxxx

The Flex Motorola MPC5xx SW Package allow full read and full write of the ECU, including each of the memories stored inside the control unit without any encryption.
Renesas processors are very well known and widespread, but we can still most often see them in Japanese vehicles. They owe their popularity to a wide distribution, which we can already notice since 2005.
Most often we can find these processors in Denso controllers.

In this protocole we can find cars brand like Volvo, Mazda and a lot of more!

You buy here only software, if you dont have device you can buy it here here

Remember to check supported cars in this protocole!

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