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Software offer : 

  • thousand repair solution
  • dump files - all tested and working
  • file modification od demand
  • free updates during subscription 

In software you won't find tokens. During subscription you have unlimited access

In software you can find : 

  • ECU Files - thousand tested and working files that can be downloaded;
  • Ecu and others component's photos , with clearly to understand connection diagram;
  • Detailed descriptions and procedures, thanks to which you will know step by step what to do; 

Do you want check database ? Click picture below! 

Immo Bypass Solution Finder

ECU Files 

Read ECU files are the backbone of Immo Bypass software.

Each solution contains an original and modified file that can be downloaded and writed to the ECU

The following file types can be found in the software:

Immo Off

Most software databases are immo off files which are designed to remove immo forever

Virgin / Synchro

Make your ECU virgin again! This will make possible to adapt the controller in another car.


Some solutions require the use of an emulator in the ECU. Programming Immo Bypass contains detailed installation descriptions

Key Code Extraction

The software will calculate the key code from the read ECU of the car

Pin Code

The software contains descriptions on how to obtain the pin code, which is sometimes required to access ECU data

Download and compare the file!

The software also allows you to compare files using the built-in editor.

Immo Bypass Download file functionImmo Bypass Files compare function


Pictures of components and diagrams are taken with the utmost care and attention to detail while maintaining readability. In the software you will find pictures of components (from controllers with labels to processors that need to be read), connection diagrams and screenshots and instructions of third programs that should be used to e.g. remove immo.

Immo Bypass - Components photosImmo Bypass  - Diagram connectionsImmo Bypass - Screenshots from third party programs that need to be used

Technical SupportImmo Bypass - Carlabimmo - Technical Support

Users with an active Immo Bypass subscription have access to the manufacturer's forum where technical support is provided.

You can use the forum in two ways : 

  1. ask for help with the existing walkthrough we have problems with;
  2. ask for file modification 


By using this offer, you will buy annual access to a calculator. After one year, you must purchase a new subscription in order to continue using the software with the software.

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